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Xiamen University of Technology

In 2009, XMUT has a registration of around 20,000 students throughout the nation. Of which, four-year Bachelor-degree students makeup 64%, and three-year undergraduates makeup 36%, or 83% are full-timers and 17% part-timers.

The university was also:

•Acclaimed as “the incubator of talents for Xiamen’s economic development”;

•Ranked online as a “Top 10 Best-Renamed Universities” in 2006 after its advancement to a degree-conferring university

•Ranked online as a “Top 10 Most-Improved Universities of 2008”

•Appreciated as one of the highly admired universities in Fujian Province to candidates, rated fifth in degree of attention candidates given to the universities in Fujian.
Facts About the University
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Facts About the University

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