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Tongji University

One of the oldest and most elite universities in China, Tongji University was established in 1907 by theGerman government, and was originally known as the Tongji German Medical School.Today, the university offers a wide variety of programs, and is highly rated in engineering, architecture, and urban planning. One of Shanghai's largest universities, Tongji University has more than 40,000 students and5 campuses throughout the city. As a leading engineering and scientific research university, Tongji offers 5 state key laboratories and engineering research centers. As one of China's most prestigious institutions of higher learning, graduates frequently find employment with top engineering firms in China and abroad.

Facts About the University
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Facts About the University

Name in Chinese:


Total Students / International Students:




51031 / 3975

On Campus, Double Dorm and Off Campus

Facilities: Library, International and Local Restaurants, Student Dining Hall, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields, Gymnasium, Indoor Basketball Courts, Outdoor Basketball Courts and Indoor Swimming Pool

No.1239 Siping Road,Shanghai
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