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Teen Immersion Program

Next Step China’s Teen Immersion program is hosted directly by Next Step China and is appropriate for ages 12 and up while younger students can attend accompanied by a parent. The program achieves a true immersion environment by including 6 hours of one-on-one tutoring in a range of settings: including material-focused work in a quite setting and practical immersion experience in a “get out and practice” setting while visiting historical sites and experiencing the city.

         Your Age: Teen Immersion enrollment is available for ages 12 to 17.
         Your Time: Study Chinese with a tutor one-on-one 6 hours a day 6 days a week.
         Your Duration: Program options range from 2 weeks to 2 Months
         Your Destination: We are available in over 13 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian.
         Your Start Date: You can begin any day of the week.

There was no one moment where I was insanely impressed because it was the whole time. There was never a moment where it let me down at all. 

-Ethan Swift from USA
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The Teen Immersion Program is customized to each student based on the student’s interests and needs and focuses on developing a Mandarin student that is not only well versed in the rules of language, but also experienced in the culture. On top of that, the ability to customize your program and be completely interactive in your education will ensure you have a rich, fun experience in China—and plenty of stories to share when you get back home.

Here is a nice table to show you how a fast a student can learn with our Teen Immersion Program

Teen Immersion Program Words Learned

Also, learning Chinese with a tutor is is much more effective than studying back home or even in a university in China.  The math is simple.  A course at a university consists of 10 to 15 students and in a one hour session, assuming all of the other students get an equal amount of time to speak, you will only get to speak 4 to 6 minutes in a class not even considering your professor needing to speak too! However, with our teen immersion program you are speaking more than 30 minutes in a one hour session which is already 500% to 600% more!

This simple math is why tutoring is more effective and the best part of it is that the cost isn't 500% more expensive :)

Some of the “out of the classroom” course hours include visits to:

Bargaining Market
A Chinese movie
Local Temples
Learn how to cook local dishes

and much much more....

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