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Teach Intern Volunteer Plus Package

By: Derek Capo

Next Step China's Plus Package service is for those who are seeking more of a community than those who elect registration only or Basic package given this package includes important features such as 24/7 participant support, insurance and housing search assistance. 

Please see below some of the additional features that we will include when you elect this option: 

Teaching Salary Range of $1,600 to $2,000 USD + Minimum 20 Hours Teaching Placement Guaranteed

We guarantee at least $20 USD per hour, but range varies depending on your experience, schedule, and other factors.

Ten Hours of Online Chinese Classes

Work with one of our professional tutors before or after you arrive in China by chatting online and learning Mandarin.

Orientations for Negotiating Effectively and Teacher Success

This is your opportunity to learn tips to avoid bad contracts, negotiate a higher salary, avoid visa issues, and more. This orientation is conducted live with a Teach in China Guru. Plus, learn how to teach different age groups, how to assess a student's English level, creating lessons plans, understanding cultural differences, and other general teaching tips.

Accommodations + Housing Search Assistance

Have a place to rest your head the night you first arrive to China.  We will place you in a hotel for FIVE (5) nights, that meets western standards, on the day of your arrival. During these 5 nights we will be helping you find the PERFECT housing. We will help you every step of the way so that your stay in China is safe and enjoyable. 


Students participating in our NSC programs can familiarize themselves with the city and neighborhood they will be confucting their sessions or at or around our offices.

International Travel and Medical Insurance

This feature is included in this package and provides the following coverages:  Insurance Coverage Benefits Table

Pre-Arrival Services:

Visa Application Assistance

To help you navigate the process of getting your visa, we will help acquire all the necessary documents.

Detailed Itinerary of your program

Before your arrival we will provide you with a detailed itinerary of your program so that there are no miscommunication issues on the date of your arrival and he few days thereafter. 

NSC Pre-Travel Guide and Orientation

Before coming to China, participants of the Next Step China programs are curious to know what they need to bring before beginning their exciting program in China. Our fully comprehensive travel notes will cover questions such as safety, ways to get cheap airfare, things to expect, accommodation and money issues will be addressed in the travel notes provided prior to the departure of the participant.

NSC Insider’s Guide for China and the city of your program

Our program includes a useful Guidebook which will serve as an introduction and background for participants in our programs. It includes information on the history, culture, activities, and other forms of entertainment in Beijing and provides suggestions on places to go for sight-seeing and excursions. The book will also help participants get the most out of their stay in Beijing or Shanghai.

China Onsite Services:

Airport Pick + Dropoff

Part of Next Step China's service is to make you feel welcome the moment you arrive in China. Our driver and a staff member will be waiting to greet you at the airport. The car will chauffeur you to your apartment no matter what time of day you arrive to Beijing. Upon the completion of your program we will also drop you off at the airport to make sure you are home safe and sound!  

Cell Phone with SIM card

Next Step China provides Chinese Mobile phone with some credits already in your SIM card so that you can make some local calls with your new friends in China. Our staff will give you the phone as soon as you arrive to Beijing programmed with all of our contact information and credits to use immediately.

Onsite Customer Service Support

Our team of trained and enthusiastic local and international staff wil help you with anything you need for a duration of 2 days.  After this you should be well on your way!

Set Up China Bank Account

To make finances easier, Next Step China will help you set up your Chinese bank account. We can also convert your cash from home into Chinese RMB and show you how to use the ATMs.

Welcome Dinner

Meet your new friends in the best way possible. In the first week of your arrival you will be invited out to dinner by us to meet other Next Step China participants.

Map, City Guide and Phrase Book

The Chinese Phrasebook is for those who are interested in having a crash course in communicating in Chinese. It cannot take the place of formal lessons but it will definitely help participants get by.

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