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Study Chinese NSC Programs Classes Only Service

By: Derek Capo

Next Step China's Classes Only service is for those who are seeking to only have classes for the program of their choice (Intensive Tutoring, Executive Immersion, etc. 

Please see below some of the features that we will include when you elect this option: 

Study Chinese NSC Programs Classes Only Service

Tuition + Books

This service covers all of the tuitions and any transportation costs (for programs that consist of a tutor visiting your location).  We will also include books throughout the duration of your program.  

Visa Assistance Service   

Depending on the durations and the amount of hours purchased Next Step China may be able to grant you a letter of invitations as a Student.  The participant is still required to follow the process and pay the fees in obtaining the visa in their home country. 

Pre-travel Orientation   

Regardless of whether this is your first time or 3rd time visiting China a pre-travel orientation is the best way to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your China experience.  We will provide a 30 minute 1 on 1 orientation.  

Next Step China was really invaluable in the process of getting signed up in China. Once you've been here for awhile you kind of figure out your own  ways and forget what it’s like when you first got here. When I think back as to how clueless I was when I got here and how little I knew what I was doing, I don’t think my trip would have been possible without Next Step China.

-Rob Hathorne from New Hampshire, USA

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