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Reviews of University Student Program

Whether you want to study Chinese for one year or one month, Next Step China has a university program perfectly designed to meet your needs. Imagine arriving in China and being met by new local friends who can quickly orientate you to life in this exciting new country. Next Step China's University Program offers Chinese language courses at over 200 top universities in China, when you can earn college credit and experience the wonders of a country filled with history and culture.

But the class, if I were to compare it to a school back in the United State, it was much more challenging, and you learn far more within a short period of time of being here because you are constantly hearing the language that’s been spoken by the teacher in class. They don’t do that back where I’m from as much. That makes a big difference, just listening to it constantly.

-Alex Nicholas from Bristol, Connecticut 

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If you are considering doing university in China, I highly recommend Next Step China because they will get you there no problem, no questions asked. They make it look easy, even though it’s not.

-Claire Dal Nogare from USA 

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When finding a company like Next Step China, cost and value were important to me. Also, the entire experience from beginning to the end. Next Step China thought everything through, so between my insurance, mobile phone, and accommodations, everything is taken care of and I don’t have to worry about any of that on my own. And also just, I like the simplicity. Everything that you need is bullet pointed out, everything’s complete, and it just seems very, all around figured out. have to worry about any of that on my own.

-Evan Grunberger from Vancouver, Columbia

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Great. Any problem that you have is taken care of. The staff here are very very helpful. Even things that you wouldn’t think would be part of the job description, you can bring them any sort of problem you have and they’ll take care of it, and that was really helpful.

-Joshua Charles Rubman from Stonebrook

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Next Step China was really invaluable in the process of getting signed up in China. Once you've been here for awhile you kind of figure out your own  ways and forget what it’s like when you first got here. When I think back as to how clueless I was when I got here and how little I knew what I was doing, I don’t think my trip would have been possible without Next Step China.

-Rob Hathorne from New Hampshire, USA

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You guys’ administration was really great. You, Derek, you’re a good boss, a good businessman; you take care of things pretty well. Anna and, before, Holly—they both certainly know what they were doing. Your interns are obviously a lot of help as well. You guys have a pretty good staff. You take care of everything for us, pretty much. We don’t have to worry about anything at all.

-Tao Cress Andres from USA

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I think Next Step China definitely exceeded my expectations, because I was thinking, “Oh, well, the price is cheaper than most of the programs I was looking at, so maybe the service wouldn’t be as good.” But I got here, and everything was amazing, so it definitely exceeded my expectations.

-Taylor Tillison from USA

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My experience with the tutoring program has been great. My tutor has not only been giving me discipline, which I need, but she has also given me an insiders perspective into what it is like being a young person living in China today. From topics such as movies and music and we found a lot of common ground and being able to find that just blows my mind.

-Isabel Marden from Hong Kong

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