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Reviews of Teach English in China Program

Since 2009 more than 500 teachers have chosen our Teach English in China Program. Teachers choose Next Step China because we work for them not for schools.We have consistently provided our teachers 30% higher pay than other providers. Through our comprehensive teaching program, we can help place you in a paid summer, semester or year-long teaching position at a language school, elementary, middle, high schooluniversity or one-on-one tutoring in China.

This was the first time coming on my own, and it was a really good assurance to have someone there who could hold your hand who can say, “We’re going to be helping you through the process, if you have any questions.” And of course, the homestay was an added bonus for me because I can teach English to the kid and also be able to live in an environment and just hear Chinese all day long.

-Carrie Buck from New York, USA 

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The features that Next Step China offered with the teaching abroad program were amazing, and I don't think you can actually appreciate those features until you are in China, and realize "There's no way I could have done this alone."

-Nicole Brown from USA 

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The service that exceeded my expectations from NSC, I would say would be finding my students. Uh…I didn’t really have any requirements but they managed to find really great uh students to teach and I really connected well with them and I think uh…they made…they found students that  really made a great schedule for me and really listened to what kinds of uh…teaching styles I wanted to do with these people.

-Tara Chan from USA 

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The initial providing the assistance for helping me find jobs was huge because my chineese level is very low and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Next STep CHina to find those jobs and get myself out there, also the housing if I wouldnt have had next step china I would probably be bundled up on the street.

-Amanda Haglund from Europe 

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Next Step China provided so many extra uh, things when I got here that I wouldnt have expected that I needed. Some of them just being the ability to be able to call Amy or Derek or anybody at any time of night and have them help me with something absolutely exceded my expectations in every way because I found myself lost or you know something at weird hours of the day and I was able to call them and they answered immediately.

-Benjamin Brennan from Cypress, USA 

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