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Reviews of SAT, IB, AP Prep Program

The IB, SAT, and AP Prep Program is the most effective way to pass these Chinese proficiency exams. This program focuses on your strenghts and weaknesses and works with you to develop a plan to prepare for your exams.  The programs consists of 1 on 1 instruction as well as mock examinations to prepare you for the test date.  

It was good. The one on one is above the classroom, there’s no comparison; it was great. You can’t slack and not do your work because the teacher’s going to notice. And the teachers are great. I’ll miss them probably.

-Eden Coates from Singapore 

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I think just in general, because compared to the program that we were doing the years before, there’s literally no comparison—it’s much better here. I discussed this with Ethan and Aiden, and we were impressed in general with the whole program.

-Victoria Ranieri from Argentina 

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The tutoring program I found was very helpful to what you want to do. Basically, I had been using the tutoring to help me with the classes at BLCU, and I found that it's definitely helpful. Started out doing my homework with the tutor and making sure I'm doing it right, and then more importantly, I can practice my speaking.

-Matthew Hernandez from New Jersey, USA

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I thought the tutoring was great. The teachers, of course their Chinese was great, but they were very good teachers. They also didn’t speak that much English, which made it even better because you had to use Chinese to communicate with them pretty much all the time. Yet the language barrier wasn’t so big that you couldn’t get around or you couldn’t communicate. But having said that, once again, it was very Chinese, and that’s what I wanted.

-Aidan Swift from Singapore

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