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Reviews of Language School Program

Do you want a classroom experience that gives you everything you need to be a strong Mandarin speaker? Next Step China’s Language School Program gives you all that you want and more. Spend three to four hours a day in a small-sized classroom with classmates from all over the globe, learning valuable language skills. Lesson plans are designed to gauge a student’s ability to speak, read and write Chinese with ease. Programs start every Monday and are available for every proficiency level.

I thought the activities organized by Next Step China were very fun. I got to see some sites I’ve never seen or even known about before, and I had so much fun.

-Hai Alvarez-Millard from  Boston

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The support staff was great. Anytime I went to the website there was usually someone I could contact or anybody I could call just about any hour. I was calling from America with a 12 hour time difference and could still usually get a hold of someone. The email response time was good. I was impressed

-Laura Carpenter from North Carolina 

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I thought the service was good.  The coordination I think was done really well.  The communication among everyone is really good.  Holly was great in terms of introducing me to everyone and what this area had to offer. So that was really helpful.

-Lindon Chen from Los Angeles

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Everybody was always quick to respond. If I ever had any questions, anybody could answer. It was like a tight-knit community, so I thought that it made it comfortable coming in to a new world. I thought it was really cool.

-Markus Silbiger from California, USA

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I liked the activities after my tutoring, because the tutoring was pretty hardcore in a way, so it was nice to do some activities and also learning about the culture.

-Nadjia Zimmerman from Singapore 

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