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Reviews of Kids Summer Camp

The Kids Summer Camp is the perfect program for young learners who want to spend their days learning Mandarin Chinese at either a top university in China or  from talented, qualified teachers, followed by tours of the most beautiful and historic sites in China. We offer two options for the camp: a set program with tutoring and housing provided by Next Step China, and a program through the language school. Both options focus on learning Chinese and participating in cultural activities. The worry-free camp package takes the guesswork out of studying and traveling in a foreign country.

I really feel like I’m doing a lot better in my Chinese. Probably like double what I was learning.

-Erin Dollard from San Francisco, USA

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I like all my lessons because they are all unique in their own way, especially when we talked about things that were not in the textbooks. All the lessons were good. I don’t think there was one particular lesson where I can say that this was one really good lesson.  It had been three weeks in and my teacher took me out for dinner and she made me practice my restaurants skills.

-Berlinda Middleton from London, UK 

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The tutoring program I found was very helpful to what you want to do. Basically, I had been using the tutoring to help me with the classes at BLCU, and I found that it's definitely helpful. Started out doing my homework with the tutor and making sure I'm doing it right, and then more importantly, I can practice my speaking.

-Matthew Hernandez from New Jersey, USA

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I really liked all the staff and the tutors and teachers. They’re always prepared for lessons and everything is planned out already.

-Rachel Ho from Hong Kong, China

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I looked on the website, I looked through all the pictures. I’m going to have to say, it was the pictures, because I’m a visual person, and reading all the student life, and all about that, it really made me comfortable with it, and I was like, “Okay, lets go for it”

-Stephanie Niles from Seattle, Washington

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The one on one tutoring is really really helpful. She’d give me a story every day, and she’d go over the words that I didn’t know and the next day she’d test me. It was kind of like a circle, she’d do that every lesson. Anything I wanted to learn, anything I wanted to improve on, she’d help me with that. So that was really good. It really suited me perfectly.

-Vera and Daniela from Hong Kong

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