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Reviews of High School Student University Program

Next Step China offers high school students an excellent programs to improve your Mandarin and knowledge of China’s culture and history. The Hight School Student University program consists of studying 4 hours a day in a classroom setting with a 1 teacher to 15-20 international student ratio. If you are interested in a one-to-one learning experience with an active exchange of Mandarin and Chinese culture, add private tutoring sessions for 1 or 2 hours after your class, and take your Mandarin classes to an entirely new level.

I really liked my tutor because we shared similar interest.  I remember writing a questionnaire that I really liked literature.  And my tutor happened to be a literature lover.  So we discussed many things regarding literature, modern Chinese literature.

-Yi-Ling Lu from Hong Kong, China 

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Ok, the fact that Next Step was like, I could text them, like at any point…like I think I texted them like every other day to ask her about like where’s the silk market, what subway stop do I get off at, you know, just like…and they knew, they like replied immediately, like I think that, that was like one of the top things for me. And like incase I was ever lost, like I could just like text them and they would be there and…yeah.

-Marina Naraine from California, USA 

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I was really surprised because we had been doing a chapter a day and I wasn’t sure how much I’d been expecting or how fast we’d be learning. But, definitely at first I was like wow so much to take it all in, but overall it’s been really good.

-Jilian Crosby from London

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I looked on the website, I looked through all the pictures. I’m going to have to say, it was the pictures, because I’m a visual person, and reading all the student life, and all about that, it really made me comfortable with it, and I was like, “Okay, lets go for it”

-Stephanie Niles from Seattle, Washington

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I like all my lessons because they are all unique in their own way, especially when we talked about things that were not in the textbooks. All the lessons were good. I don’t think there was one particular lesson where I can say that this was one really good lesson.  It had been three weeks in and my teacher took me out for dinner and she made me practice my restaurants skills.

-Berlinda Middleton from London, UK 

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I really liked all the staff and the tutors and teachers. They’re always prepared for lessons and everything is planned out already.

-Rachel Ho from Hong Kong, China

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