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Reviews of Executive Immersion Program

While your goal is to become successful in China, our goal is to make sure you have the proper language competency. In the Executive Immersion Program, we do this by providing effective and interactive lesson plans so you can immerse yourself in the environment comfortably. In order to do this, our tutors use a personalized approach depending on the different language backgrounds and aptitudes of the participants.

The service that I experienced from Next Step China’s staff was unlike no other. I felt it was catered to my needs.  They understood that I was a professional not a student, they really understood what I wanted.  The service was exceptional!

-Angie Popodopolous from Miami, Florida USA 

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I wanted to really spend my time studying the language, getting to know the city, meeting people, and so Next Step China handled all those things, and when I arrived, we went out to dinner, and we had a neighborhood orientation, and went out… we were able to get the process going right away.

-Jonathan Kier from USA

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Next Step China was coming up, and I liked the website. I could tell the website is targeting a specific market, even though you had an executive. But very quickly, we were in contact, you were very quick to respond. And the own responding directly feel like, okay, it’s a small company, but at least the guy is listening.

-Thomas Percillier from Hong Kong

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I was impressed with the service actually. Like almost every day at the beginning like how professional everything is done and uh how the teachers approached me like uh like well one of the teachers um when she found out that I like green tea, she was making me green tea cup every day.

-Victor Awgul from Hong Kong

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Second to none, Next Step China is second to none. The feeling is like arriving home, like coming to a family, and everything I was promised I actually received, plus more. There were all kinds of surprises that I didn’t expect, and yet I received them. The care and professionalism of the tutoring. It feels very comfortable and it is a very home-like experience.

-Adit Tevel  from Tel Aviv, Israel

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 I felt like your answers came from the heart.  So I felt that I can trust you. Also, if I asked you a question you replied right away whether it was through phone call or e-mail and that was really reassuring. 

-Julie Ho  from Hong Kong, China

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