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Reviews of Combo Program

Next Step China’s Combo Program is the best of both worlds by combining our two most popular programs. The program consists of 1 lesson in small classroom setting with a professor and 3 hours with two experienced tutors, you’ll be receiving top-notch education. The combination of collaborating with students and receiving one-on-one attention from a tutor will immerse you in the Mandarin language lessons you need. You’ll also participate in fun activities outside the classroom, such as bargaining at the local markets or having a meal with your tutor. You will not only further your understanding of the Chinese culture, but also help bridge the cultural gap and practice your newly minted Mandarin conversation skills.

There are a lot of companies that offer the same. But in terms of feeling secure and being in a different country, having people like Ada and Anna on call was always helpful. That was probably the most beneficial thing, was having Ada and Anna whenever I needed anything.

-Lukas Judodihardjo from England

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With the tutoring program, I was very happy. I really enjoyed my tutor. I thought she quickly understood the level that I was at when I came here. She took about a week to just review and get back into everything and then she stepped it up to a higher level of where I should be, which I was very happy about. I feel like, in general, things got done with NextStepChina.

-Patrick Young from California, USA 

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I really enjoyed my time with the tutors. We’re about the same age, and we’re interested in similar things, so I think we became friends as well as having a student/teacher relationship. So I really enjoyed my time with them, and I think that in two weeks, it was nice to get to know some Chinese people that actually live in China.

-Rorry Daniels from New York, USA 

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I think, as a whole, my expectations were definitely exceeded. I didn’t know necessarily what to think coming in, but I definitely have high standards just from what I expect from organizations and people in general. I was definitely surprised and very happy with what happened. So everything exceeded my expectations.

-Ross Busch from New York, USA 

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They were always on call, very convenient, any time you needed something. I thought they were great. I needed to go to the bank to exchange money; Ada rode her bike over to help me because I didn’t realize I needed my passport to do travelers checks.

-Toren Berry from California, USA 

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The best aspect was that everything would be corrected automatically, any mistakes that I made would be corrected. I liked the fact that we had really intense classes, like it would just be me and the tutor, which is something I never did before, so it was really hard for me to stop paying attention and let my mind wander, because you can’t. I really liked that aspect.

-Dan Cho-Kee from Canada

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