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Please keep in mind that deposits made towards any programs are not interchangeable. If the participant decides to change their program after submitting their deposit a new deposit is required given the costs associated such as university application fees, processing and administration fees. 

Excluding the program deposit refunds will not exceed the table below:

Next Step China Refund Policy

The refund policy is due to the many expenses involved in arranging a program and the various policies of schools and housing. Please note that Next Step China makes financial commitments on behalf of its participants well in advance of the start date.

ii) Written notification detailing reasons for cancelling program participation and request for refund is required to be given and received by Next Step China’s Beijing Office.

iii) In the event that I fail to present myself for the entire or any part of the program, no refund of any fees already paid to Next Step China shall be made, unless I have given prior written notice to Next Step China stating full reasons, and have obtained prior written approval from Next Step China. For the avoidance of doubt, Next Step China has the sole discretion, and is not bound to, grant any approval. Further, any periods of absence may not be made up with free extension of the program, unless with the prior consent in writing from Next Step China.

iv) Once the program has commenced, there shall be no refund of program fees. In case of emergency, or for medical reasons, as outlined in the insurance policy, claims should be directed to the insurance provider you are signed up with, if any.

v) In the event that the program I have registered and enrolled in, for whatever reason cannot start on the original intended date, I agree to either accept a refund of program fees (minus the application fee) or to start the program on the next available program closest in date to the original program or defer my program start date until a time which is mutually convenient for me and Next Step China (and in any event, within one year of the original application date) and where there is a program scheduled to begin.

vi) Any bank or transfer fees associated with the refund of the program fees shall be the responsibility of the refund recipient.

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