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Popular MBBS Degree Programs in China

China has become one of the most favored countries in Asia for studying MBBS. On an annual basis, more than ten thousand (10,000) students from different parts of the world enroll in China’s medical colleges and universities. Going through an English-medium MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) program in China became increasingly popular about ten or twelve years ago. Today, Chinese medical schools carrying these courses are officially recognized by the Medical Council of China and the World Health Organization (WHO).  In fact, WHO has many top medical universities in China listed in its directory of World Medical Schools. The Bachelor of Medicine degree from these schools are globally recognized and respected.

The Inexpensive MBBS Tuition And Low Cost Of Living In China

Perhaps two of the biggest attractions of studying MBBS in China are its low tuitions and the inexpensive cost of living. Compared to pursuing the same studies in the United States or UK, the tuition is seventy percent (70%) cheaper in China. A US MD program course, excluding four years of pre-med study would run to about US $160,000 - $200,000. In a Chinese medical university where a complete course runs for six years, it would cost a student something like US $30,000 - $50,000.

The cost of daily campus living? Board and lodging? The exotic food and drinks? Unless you’re the extremely picky, fussy type, most of these things are at prices you’ll be glad to pay. 


MBBS Programs In China Rapidly Grows 

The number of English-medium MBBS programs in various Chinese universities continues to grow. There are now forty-nine (49) top-notch medical schools approved and accredited by China Ministry of Education. These schools accept international students from the undergraduate medical programs in English. They are authorized to grant Master’s degree in basic medicine and clinical medicine (first level subjects). Their laboratories and infrastructure are popularly considered to be superior to most of the government-run universities in Asia, Africa and other countries.


The Extensive Medical Background Of Faculty Members

Chinese teachers with master or doctor degrees, who majored in medicine and had extensive experience studying or working abroad generally make up the faculty of these programs. Some members, who have foreign roots and satisfactorily meet high international education standards, come from India, Pakistan or Nepal.

A Brief Look-See Into MBBS In China

In general, these purely English-taught MBBS program takes six years to complete, after which a year-long internship for practice follows. The students have the option to do their internship in either China or their home country.

Several medical schools may have certain conditional requirements for admission as a high score on the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Additionally, while the medium of instruction is English, foreign students will need to take up studies in the Chinese language to enable them to communicate with patients in the various clinics and hospitals. Some universities, in fact, require international students to go successfully through the HSK test (Chinese language proficiency) before being allowed to graduate.

China’s Medical Degrees Recognized World-Wide

Most of the medical universities enjoy a good reputation, having instituted MBBS programs in English for years. The medical degrees granted by them are valid throughout the world. As they graduate, students become eligible for the United States Medical Licensing Examinations and those of the Professional and Linguistic Board of the United Kingdom. The Health Professions Council of South Africa, The Medical Council of India and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council also recognize this eligibility. Other such government regulatory bodies in Saudi Arabia and other countries tasked with professional licensing of graduates similarly welcome this eligibility. 

Some universities, for the information of students close to graduation, would invite experienced medical professionals to give a lecture on licensing examinations preparatory to entering the real world of medicine.

Many of the medical institutions evaluate students' performance in such a way that his progress in mastering the curriculum subjects is monitored constantly and objectively in detail. His tests and examinations taken for the academic year likewise, form part of this evaluation. The formulation of the tests is known to be usually strictly done by the head of the institution.

China’s Top Ten Universities for MBBS:



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $3,500/year

Location:  Zhenjiang



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $5,160/year

Location:  Changsha



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $4,195/year

Location:  Zhengzhou



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $4,840/year

Location:  Nanjing



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $6,452/year

Location:  Wuhan



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $ 6,620/year

Location:  Tianjin



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $6,774/year

Location: Dalian



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $5,160’year

Location:  Wuhan



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $ 5,500/year

Location:  Beijing



Course Duration:  6 years

Tuition Fee:  US $6,600

Location:  Xi’an

Many of China’s medical schools rank among the top five hundred (500) universities in the world. With the rapidly increasing number of English-taught MBBS programs, they enjoy a good, enviable reputation of being in the forefront in the field of modern medicine. They are also fast-becoming international as more and more foreign students come to China for higher education. Besides enjoying some immersion into Chinese culture and traditions, foreign students get to have a rare experience as well into some bits of international lore.

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