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Popular Universities to Study Engineering Degree Programs

Chasing An Engineering Degree In China Could Be A Smart Career Move

 With some six hundred thousand (600,000) passing through the halls of its colleges and universities, China, today, is reputed to be the biggest producer of Engineering graduates in the world. For comparison, the graduates of Engineering courses in the United States is only seventy thousand (70,000) annually. The whole of Europe has one hundred thousand (100,000).

 Among international students, Engineering in China has become a much sought-after degree next to those of medical courses. After the founding of the Chinese Republic, Engineering and Technology developed rapidly and had since, continued to train a large number of ambitious students, skilled engineers and technicians. These studies cut across a wide range of technological disciplines. Inevitably, these engineering-engaged people played and continue to play a role in the national economy’s development, improvement of the people’s quality of life and the advancement of Engineering Science around the world.

What Gives With Studying Engineering In China?

 Perhaps, one of the reasons the idea of pursuing an engineering degree in China is widely appealing to foreign students is the country’s economy, itself. With China’s economy bursting at the seams and various types of technological businesses cropping up, the opportunities for good-paying jobs and executive positions are almost limitless. Then there is the fact that the top 500 corporations in the world are also in China doing business. It’s a clear testimony to China’s potential to grow as a super economic power. The Chinese culture, which is extremely fascinating, is possibly another motivator. Finally, the country’s great educational infrastructure, that allows for tuition to be significantly lower than in the United States, UK and Europe, cannot but be a big, strong come-on.

 The engineering programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree are all taught in English. The professors, mostly holding doctorates and degrees themselves, have had extensive experience with Western engineering perceptions and practices.

 Courses delve into the fields of Electronic Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. They extend as well into Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering. Architecture, Software Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Marine Engineering and Navigation technology make up the rest of the courses.


The Top Engineering Universities In China:

1)  TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY (THU): It ranks number 1 in China and stands with the world’s top 100 engineering universities. Its world-famous alumni include Nobel Prize winner, Chen-Ning (Franklin) Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee as well as China’s former president, Qingdao Hu. The campus bustles close to the lifestyle center in Wudaokou, a favorite chill-out place of foreign students.

2)  ZHEIJIANG UNIVERSITY (ZUST): ZUST is a public university funded by the Chinese and German governments via national projects. It’s got seven international English-medium bachelor’s degree programs as national level key major – Civil Engineering, and provincial level key majors – International Economics. These are Trade and Communication Engineering, International Marketing, Computer Science and Technology (Information Technology), Information and Computational Science (Statistics and Financial Actuarial Science), Food Science and Engineering and Communication Engineering. Students may enroll without Chinese language proficiency requirements

3)  SHANGHAI JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY (SJTU): Ranked among the top 5 in China, it’s one of the oldest universities, having been founded in 1896. Key subject in the world’s first-class  level: Communication and Electronic System, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Automatic Control, Composite Materials and Metal Plasticity Processing. Also, available in its educational menu are English-taught Bachelor Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering programs.

4)  HARBIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: Located in a European-looking, charming city popularly known as “Oriental Paris” HIT is the best place to be if you love snow sports. Compared to universities situated in Beijing and Shanghai, cost of living in Harbin is inexpensive.

5)  TIANJIN UNIVERSITY (TJU): About a hundred kilometers from Beijing, TJU is situated in the storied city of Tianjin. Much respected and admired for its engineering courses; it is one of the largest multidisciplinary engineering universities in China.

6)  HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (HUST): One of the more prestigious educational institutions in China, it ranks number 2 in Optical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. It offers as well, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. For international students, there are separate hostel accommodations as fully-furnished apartment-type rooms.

7)  XIAN JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY (XJTU): It has the reputation of being the best university in Western China. Founded in 1896, it is a member of C9 League of Elite Universities (much like the US Ivy League)

8)  BEIHANG UNIVERSITY (BUAA): Founded as the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, it is the pioneering university in aerospace technology in China. The Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering programs offered in the university are English-taught. It’s a convenient university neighborhood as there is easy access to subways, light railways and bus lines which can bring you to the different city areas.

9)  SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY (SEU): SEU is a one hundred-year-old university established in the historic city of Nanjing, the original capital city of China before 1949. It’s one of the oldest and most prestigious as it ranks among the top ten in scientific research and development in the country. Key subject focus is electrical Engineering and Architecture.

10)SOUTH CHINA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (SCUT): Located in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, SCUT is ranked among the top ten Chinese technology-based universities in Southern China. Its quaint location enjoys a wonderful cool climate. It’s a stone’s throw from Hong Kong and Macau. Interestingly, the city’s native language is Cantonese, widely spoken in “China towns” of Western countries, rather than Mandarin

 As China continues to execute its economic programs of reformation and liberalization, it’s become a foregone conclusion that many other educational institutions will adapt to the future needs of the country. The onus is on these school authorities to introduce innovative courses to meet the demands of a more robust China. In this continuing endeavor, Engineering will be one of the exciting fields.

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