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Getting That Business Degree In China Can Be A Distinct Career Edge

China is big.  You can’t ignore it

If you happen to be an eager, ambitious, business-minded young man, it’ll be pretty hard for you not to have taken notice of China. Business, Finance and Economic experts say that China is likely to be the, if not, one of the most relevant centers of economic growth in the next thirty years. They predict that in 2015, China’s gross domestic product (GDP) will reach US$ 9,982.08 billion and will continue to register a growth rate of 10-12 % annually.

Market liberalization has pushed China’s economy forward, growing by leaps and bounds to make it today, the world’s 2nd largest economy following in the coat tails of the United States.

The Big Multi-National Corporations Can’t Be Wrong

This economic boom has drawn hundreds of thousands of merchants, traders, businessmen and international students to make investments and to pursue business studies in China. The country’s Bureau of Statistics say there are more than six hundred thousand (600,000) foreign companies which have significant investments in China. A large majority of the world’s top 500 firms do business in and with China. Many of them have opted to base their regional headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai or some other progressive, fast-growing cities in this fascinating country.

Go East Young Man. Seize The Day!

For this reason, taking on a BBA degree in China and learning how to do business there seems like a smart move. Add to these establishing connections with the business community and getting a fix on how to handle their problems would be a tremendously useful skill.

Now interested in China? You should set yourself up to seize the opportunity to study in this exciting part of exotic Asia.  You'll need to have a real understanding and a full grasp of the Chinese methods of doing business. One of the most practical ways of doing this is to take a business administration course in any of China’s universities. It'll be a sure help for you to get good insights into the Chinese market, increase your sensitivity to it and grab the business opportunities,

Applying For Admission Is Easy

Many Chinese universities have instituted top-quality, English-taught BBA and other business and trade courses tapping their excellent resources in education. For instance, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can do it on- line and work out your application for admission to any Chinese university through the SICAS. SICAS is a worldwide platform authorized by the big universities in China to accept applications for admission of foreign students from any part of the globe.

Get Acquainted With The Top-Ranked Business Schools In China

Chinese business schools, much like the country’s economy are in a dynamic state of change. Several educational reforms, adjustments and improvements have helped put business education at a high level of international standards. They have got programs like Bachelor of Management in Business Administration (BBA), MBA and other courses in business and accounting taught in English, Bachelor’s programs of International Trade and other business-oriented courses.

The basic business subjects include:

Introduction to Business                     Introduction to Economics

Microeconomics                                 Macroeconomics

Management Essentials                     Marketing Essentials

Cross-Cultural Communication          Statistics Essentials

Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities   

Principles of Accounting I                  Business Law

Research Methodology                     Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Taught in English, the course runs for four years. The student is awarded a Bachelor’s Degree upon graduation.

China’s business schools and universities have been established all over the country. The more famous and bigger ones though, which carry slightly higher tuitions stand tall in the bustling cities of Beijing and Shanghai. There are other excellent, business universities and schools in some of the small cities where the cost of living is low and tuition is less expensive.

Beijing and Shanghai are China’s two most important economic and business hubs. It was inevitable that universities in this region would be introducing their business programs to international students early on.

Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beihang University (Buaa), The Sino-British College, USST, Donghua University (Dhu) And Shanghai Normal University (Shnu) are the perfect schools to pursue BBA in China.

The South China University of Technology (SCUT), situated in the trade-heavy city of Guangzhou, which is just across Hong Kong, is another great choice for business courses.  Then there is Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), which is often and strongly recommended because its graduating students are awarded the internationally-recognized University of Liverpool degree, in addition to the traditional XJTLU degree.

Addressing Your Budget Concerns As You Make Plans To Study Business In China

Budgets could be a major concern in planning for BBA in China.  There are other good universities in less-known, smaller cities like Qingdao, Dalian and Shenyang, which offer lower tuition, but are no less superior in the quality of their business studies. Most international students living and studying in these cities find the cost of living very reasonable if not inexpensive.

Chinese Could Be The Next Most Important Language After English 

With China rising to become one of the world’s most dominant economies, the Chinese language acquires even more importance. Particularly to a business career, the boost, which proficiency in the Chinese language can give, is tremendous. Although, with China’s economic rise, careers in international politics, development, education and a host of other fields will gain as much from a working knowledge of Chinese.

Cultural Skills: A Big Plus

We all know that our modern world is now globalized and interfacing or interaction between people of different cultural backgrounds is essential. Those who have spent time abroad learning how to mix with other cultures will have a rare advantage over those who chose to stay home. Living and studying in China allows you this unique opportunity. Even if you don’t become a Chinese culture expert, the propensity to work, study and build relationships with those different from you is a valuable skill in today’s business environment. 

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