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Parent Reviews of Next Step China Services and Support

The service was fantastic. Excellent. That’s all I have to say .

-Ellie Bowe from Hong Kong, China

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I think the impression from the staff is quite friendly and they took care of us quite well from the airport when we arrived. So I feel much better for my daughter on her way back to go to Thailand by herself. That would be the first time. So I think they’ll work well and safely with her.

-Naruman Seijuma from Bangkok, Thailand 

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Next Step China service is all inclusive, it’s everything, its cellphones, it’s how to navigate the neighborhood, its tips on various places to eat, not to mention the fact that the instructors/ teachers are very good at passing out hints. So the service is fantastic; you can get any information that you need to know.

-Linda Parks from New York, USA

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