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By: Derek Capo

Study Abroad… for Four Years

“For Alexander Sherr, being in a foreign country isn’t too new for him. He moved to Hong Kong with his parents in 2007. Now, he’s taking a gap year to study Mandarin with Next Step China and plans on attending college in Beijing.”

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How To Build A Successful Business In A Country With A Bad Reputation

“Go the extra mile. Once a customer asked if we could meet a staff member in their area of town in order to become comfortable with the people running our company. I was in China at the time, and my sister — who works for our company — met the mother and her 15-year old son, who was interested in going to China, at a local Starbucks. Some people won’t go that far to make a sale, but that customer did two summer programs with us in a row and helped us develop one of the best products for our company.”

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Next Step China was recognized by the United Nations and the White House via Empact: 


Brain drain reverses course, flows away from America

“He now lives in Beijing, having founded Next Step China (nextstepchina.org). The firm offers Chinese-language immersion programs, and arranges opportunities for foreigners to teach, intern or volunteer in China. “I wanted to take the next step in my life and career,” says Capo, now 29″

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I Can’t Find Qualified Employees

“Americans just know America. Everyone knows that we live in a global society, but most Americans lack any real global knowledge.”

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US Students Studying Chinese to Adapt to a Changing Economy

“Unlike most of the Chinese language programs offered at schools in the United States, we offer a total immersion that incorporates learning the language, understanding the culture, and developing the skills needed to succeed in this highly complex country,” says Derek Capo, founder and CEO of Next Step China. “We’ve had students go directly from our program into positions within Chinese-owned companies and multi-national enterprises with offices in China.”

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Wall Street Journal Feature

Some Social-Media Tips for Business Owners

“Target your audience: Derek Capo, 30, chief executive of Next Step China LLC, a Miami-based firm that helps arrange opportunities to study, volunteer and work in China, says he spends 10 to 20 hours a month on LinkedIn, finding and messaging potential customers.”

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Wall Street Journal Feature

15 Ideas for Testing Your New Hires Before You Commit

“Test Before you Hire. It all starts with the interview process, and ours is pretty thorough. Nevertheless, everyone starts off as an intern or part-time employee, and then we give them tasks with varying degrees of difficulty that test management skills, creativity and leadership…..”

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Why You Should Stick With The Big Banks

“”I believe my company is an excellent example of how the big banks have actually helped our business,” says Derek Capo, CEO of language-immersion program company Next Step China. ”

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FIU Worlds Ahead Campaign

Apprendre le mandarin, l’affaire d’une vie!

“Au départ, je ne devais y aller que pour une période de trois mois dans le cadre du programme d’études du mandarin offert par l’organisme Next Step China (www.nextstepchina.org/).”

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Bringing Interns to China (Radio Interview)

Listen here.


Degrees of Distinction (International Educator print magazine)

“Sherr considered a number of U.S. universities overseas, such as the
American University in Cairo, but ultimately decided to take two years off, which he has used to intensively study Chinese in preparation for the Peking University entrance exam. In autumn 2012 he plans to study international relations or international business with the language of instruction in Chinese.”

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What Technologies Banks Should Be Using to Keep Your Money Safe

“Derek Capo, founder of Miami- and Beijing-based Next Step China LLC, asked Bank of America numerous security-related questions when he opened a business account in 2008. ”

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YEC Member Spotlight: Derek Capo, CEO, Next Step China

Derek Capo of Next Step China has some thoughtful advice for entrepreneurs whose egos get in the way of business.

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What’s your definition of success? How will you know when you’ve finally “succeeded” in your business?

I actually like to break this down into a few categories: the financial impact of my business, its personal impact, its impact on employees, and its impact on customers. It is truly amazing to experience the growth, development and improved Chinese language proficiency in our business. It has changed my life and I am happy to help more people experience the positive influence it can have.

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10 Tips for a Remarkable Tagline

We see so many taglines that try to say too much. If you can't explain to people in three to five words what you do, then it will be hard to communicate the vision to your employees.

Download full article here.

Wall Street Journal Feature

10 Traits Employers Should Look for in New Hires

Ideas: If you were the CEO, what would your strategy be? For startups, hiring the right first employees can make or break your company. I don’t want someone who listens to everything I say; I want someone who isn’t afraid to bring her ideas to the table — even if they aren’t in line with my own. Show me a well-thought out plan, and we can brainstorm on it. It shows initiative and leadership.

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Retirement-Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs

From Derek Capo of Next Step China

When I take the time to read a stock annual report, I do it for two reasons: to learn something new about a company not in my industry that may inspire new ideas for my business, and to diversify my assets in case my business doesn't succeed. Start out small and take the time to learn new things. Being 100 percent focused on your business can actually hurt you when you can't be opportunistic.

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The First Startup Hire: Who Should It Be?

Administrative Assistant: Finding someone to take care of the tedious tasks in your business is important so that you can continue to grow the business. This person should understand the operational side of the business as well as know how to set up opportunities for you. A person for this position must be good at creating processes and very organized.

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Going to China? Leave your laptop at home

Use a VPN while on the Internet: The Chinese government closely watches Internet traffic and often uses its so-called Great Firewall to block content it doesn’t approve of, such as discussions of politically sensitive topics.

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14 Most Important Elements of a Company Brand

A logo that resonates with customers will allow them to be more passionate about the brand and what it represents before and after they have a positive experience with our company.

Download full article here.

The pros (and a few cons) of hiring recent grads as interns

Interns always bring a lot of new ideas to the table, but one thing they can lack is tact in the office. They are sometimes too naive regarding what is going on, that they don't realize they may be insulting people.

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How to Research a Culture Before Moving Abroad

How to Research a Culture Before Moving Abroad

Cultural etiquette. It’s one of the most important concerns for someone who is traveling abroad or moving to a different country. Whether it’s trying to learn the language or wearing appropriate attire, it’s important to do research on significant cultural differences between where you live and the host country you are visiting. After all, what comes naturally in one culture may be viewed as offensive in another.

Read full article here.

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