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Learn Mandarin Lessons In Shanghai

By: Derek Capo

Every year hundreds of thousands of international students, professionals, and executives flock to China to start a career or to learn Mandarin Chinese . China is commonly known to have cities that specialize in specific sectors of the economy.
The north or where Beijing is located is where many of the international and mainland corporate headquarters are located given its proximity to the Chinese government.

I really liked my tutor because we shared similar interest.  I remember writing a questionnaire that I really liked literature.  And my tutor happened to be a literature lover.  So we discussed many things regarding literature, modern Chinese literature.

-Yi-Ling Lu from Hong Kong, China 

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Shanghai which is located on the east coast is known for exports, banking, and finance. Beijing and Shanghai are both famous for providing quality educations to those who want to study Chinese . Once you visit Shanghai, you will find that there are many Mandarin learning schools in the city, the most notable one is Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). This institute encourages and welcomes international students to study the Chinese and Mandarin languages in China. To Learn Mandarin Lessons Shanghai can be an unforgettable educational and cultural experience. Next Step China offers private tutoring and enrollment at SJTU, whichever program best fits your needs.

No doubt, Shanghai is a very busy place with an approximate population of 21 million people. Nearly 13.18 million people live in urban areas. Shanghai is also one of the most beautiful cities in China. It was once called the “Paris of the East” and “Pearl of the Orient”. To Learn Mandarin Lessons in Shanghai, you must first find a great program in Shanghai.

Learn Mandarin Lessons In Shanghai Shanghai Jiao Tong University


There is also no other city in China which captures the excitement and urgency of the economic reform of the country. The main reason for this is that Shanghai is located in the very heart of China. Shanghai is a beloved jewel in the crown of China. It is also a hip and contemporary city which is charging into the future. This is why there area so many advantages to studying to learn Mandarin Lessons in Shanghai. If you are looking for more information about the different types of courses provided in Shanghai, you will want to keep reading.

Learn Mandarin Lessons In Shanghai Shanghai Skyline at night

Intensive Tutoring Program

There are many Chinese language courses that are designed for people who are looking to increase their Chinese language level in a short time. The Next Step China Intensive Tutoring program can focus on all four major skills: speaking, reading, listening, and writing with a systematic study and professional tutors. Your learn Mandarin lessons in Shanghai will be tailored to what you want to focus on. Some student grew up with Chinese parents and understand the spoken language but want to focus on writing and reading. The private tutoring presents material that a large class wouldn’t.

Summer Options

Next Step China offers summer programs for teens, adults, and professionals alike. This is also an ideal study path for families who wish to travel to China together and take Mandarin while here. Once you begin learning the language, you can also participate in a variety of social activities, cultural experiences, and excursions.

Tips To Decide which option is best for you

If you are planning to complete your education or take Mandarin language lessons in Shanghai, it is crucial to select the right Next Step China program. Do you need an all around development of your language skills? Then maybe group classes at the university are a good option for you. If you need to focus on specific areas of the language or want accelerated learning because of limited time, we recommend the Intensive Tutoring program. Are you a university student that wants to get involved in student life and meet other international students? Live on campus while attending one of NSC’s university programs! Maybe you are a full time professional that needs a quick intro to business related Mandarin, then once again, book our intensive tutoring program!

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