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Learn Chinese Summer Camp

By: Derek Capo

If you aren’t interested in spending a lot of time studying abroad in a university, or you aren’t old enough for one of these “traditional” study abroad programs but you want to learn Chinese summer camp is really the way to go. Next Step China’s summer camp programs are designed to give students of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to actually travel to China for a few weeks during the summer and spend time with international students from up to 28 different countries immersed in leaning the Mandarin language and the Chinese culture.

Next Step China definitely exceeded my expectations. I was definitely pretty nervous about a few things coming here, and they definitely made me as prepared as I could possibly be, and while I was here they made me very comfortable coming to them with any problems I had. They exceeded any expectation I had.

-Sebastian Weinmann from Philadelphia 

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Why should a learn Chinese summer camp be your first choice? With Next Step China, they make learning in six to eight weeks an experience that usually is only accomplished with months of classroom training. Forget boring lecture hall style lessons and worrying about studying for other subjects tests, with Next Step China you only add electives if you want them, and even in them you will be practicing your Mandarin. By immersing yourself in a learn Chinese summer camp, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed at a level that simply isn’t possible by other means. How do they accomplish this?

Learn Chinese Summer Camp


Next Step China goes the extra mile to make sure that your entire experience is one of productivity as well as enjoyment. By seeing the wonders of China along with learning about its rich culture and history, the language comes alive in ways learning from textbooks cannot do.

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