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Learn Chinese in a Month

By: Derek Capo

Technology has made our world shrink at a rate that could best be described as dizzying. With the ability to speak to anyone, from any country directly at your fingertips with the internet, an intriguing idea comes. What if you could learn another language? It could certainly help in business affairs and what two countries have worked together more in the last decade than the United States and China?

They’re really nice. They’re really welcoming, and I think they did a really good job organizing everything, especially in the dorms.

-Amanda from Louisiana, USA

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Of course, learning the Chinese language can seem daunting, especially if you only know English. But, what if you could learn Chinese? What if you could learn Chinese in a month? What if you could learn Chinese in a month, and get to stay in China while you do it? Seem too awesome to be true? Not so.

Next Step China is an amazing program that can provide a once in a lifetime experience and can teach you Chinese in record time. In a months time you could be speaking and writing in Mandarin! But how in the world can you learn Chinese in a month? Here’s how:

Programs range from two weeks to three months or longer depending on how long you want to stay. The best part is, you can start at any time! Want to wait for the summer to go off on your adventure? Maybe you want to escape the cold dead months of the beginning of the year? Any time you want to go, you can, and it will not affect your courses. With just a one month’s advance notice, you could book your stay in China and come back able to speak the language!

Next Step China’s programs are available for all ages too! Do you have a family member who would also like to learn Chinese in a month? Bring them along! Even participants from 15 to 17 can travel alone to China provided they have a signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian. You even get a choice of where to stay in Beijing or Shanghai. You can choose between single dorms, double dorms or luxurious apartments that have two or three bedrooms. Included in the price is all utilities and high speed internet.

So, if you have a taste for adventure and a thirst for learning, Next Step China can provide you with both! No matter what your level of knowledge of Chinese language or culture, after a month inChina, learning from the tutors, you will know a great deal more. So, find a time of the year you would like to get away, pack a bag and make a reservation for the most interesting adventure of your life!

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