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Kids Summer Camp

The Kids Summer Camp is the perfect program for young learners who want to spend their days learning Mandarin Chinese at either a top university in China or from talented, qualified teachers, followed by tours of the most beautiful and historic sites in China. We offer several options for the camp:

1) Kids Summer Camp Morning Program: This program is specifically designed for children and teens whose families are presently living in China, in Beijing or Shanghai. The program is prepared with a wide range of interactive classes that go through the language fundamentals of Mandarin as well as an exploration of the general aspects of the Chinese culture.

  • Classes are from 9AM to 12pm and the dates are below:

  • 2 Weeks - June 15th, 29th - July 13th and 27th - August 10th

  • 4 Weeks -  June 15th, 29th - July 13th and 27th

2) Kids Summer Camp Day Program: this Chinese summer camp immersion program should be ideal for kids whose interest in the Chinese language and culture might have stemmed from having met and made friends with other Chinese kids, classmates or neighbors. All the participants of this day camp get to be immersed in Chinese culture with everyday classes, different cultural activities, several field trips and a daily lunch. Should any of the kids take a fancy to experiencing fun excursions on week-ends, these are integrated into their respective schedules.

  • Classes are from 9am to 3pm and includes lunch and the dates are below:

  • 2 Weeks - June 15th, 29th - July 13th and 27th - August 10th

  • 4 Weeks -  June 15th, 29th - July 13th and 27th

3)  Kids Summer Camp Overnight Program A: This is the full 24/7 program package which is inclusive of all Chinese classes, various cultural activities, field trips,living accommodations, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your teen-age sons or daughters will get to be fully immersed in the Chinese language and the various facets of the Chinese culture and lore and its people in a home-stay atmosphere. They’ll be under the tutelage of enthusiastic, eager teachers who have had extensive experience working with teen-agers of different nationalities. Engaging activities both on the learning and educational sight-seeing aspects hold promise for the young want-to-learn-Chinese campers.  This program also comes in two time sets : two (2) weeks and four (4) weeks.

  • 2 Weeks - June 15th, 29th - July 13th and 27th - August 10th

  • 4 Weeks -  June 15th, 29th - July 13th and 27th

  • Includes all meals and housing is in a shared dorm accommodation. 

4)  Kids Summer Camp Overnight and Travel: This is camp is in cooperation with Beijing Language and Culture Universtiy. It’s become rather popular among families with kids aged 10-16 as it includes carefully selected Chinese classes as well as outdoor activities such as local places of interest in Beijing, unique sports experiences and what has been touted about to be one of the more interesting trips … an adventure into inner Mongolia. All these have been incorporated into the program to complement the language teaching process. 

Set Dates for these programs are: 

  • Session A (June 12th – June 27th - 16Days)

  • Session B (June 28th – July 18th - 21Days)

  • Session C (July 12th – August 1st - 21Days)

  • Session D (July 26th – August 8th - 14Days)


All meals are included and accommodations are in a shared hotel next to the university. 


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The Kids Summer Camp is loved by the whole family. Kids love it because they get to learn a new language while going on an adventure to an exciting country, and parents love it because they know their children are in safe hands with Next Step China. The Kids Summer Camp helps students become the first bilingual kids in their grade, as well as expanding their horizons and introducing them to new cultures.

Check out a sample itinerary ofKids Summer Camp Overnight and Travel Program! Kids Summer Camp Itinerary

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