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Insurance Policy Information

By: Derek Capo

Next Step China provides all of its participiants the access to high quality International Travel and Medical Insurance throughout the duration of your trip to China. We include insurance for participants that purchase the Plus, Premium or Add-On with the purhcase of a Registration Only, Placement Only or Classes Only Package.  Participants can also choose to purchase the insurance without having to purchase any other additional services from Next Step China.

Here are some key highlights of the insurance policy:

Covers 100% of visits to a public or private hospital in all over China as well as fees for doctors fees, specialists, Pharmaceutical and Abmulance Services.  

Policy is for $1,000,000 USD 

To see a very clear over of the benefits please visit the Insurance Coverage Benefits Table we have provided. 

To view more specific about the policy please visit this page: Coverage Benefits Details as well as 

Making a Claim


General Exclusions

Next Step China provides all of its customers a comprehensive Medical and Travel insurance policy by for Interglobal Insurance Company Ltd.  

This policy provides cover for international students studying under the age of 64. The following information is as of July 1st 2009.

Please read this important document carefully, and make sure You understand it, and that it meets Your needs. We suggest You keep this policy in a safe place.

In accepting this insurance, the underwriters have relied on the information and statements that You or Your education provider has provided on the application form.

This policy is valid only when the premium has been paid, and a numbered Insurance Certificate has been issued.

Insurers Details

The Policy is underwritten by InterGlobal Insurance Company Limited, which has an A.M. Best financial strength rating of B++ (Good) and is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Services Authority. Interglobal will be pleased to provide further information on request.

A. M. Best’s Financial Strength Rating Syste

Secure Range

A++, A+ Superior
A,A- Excellent
B++, B+ Good
Vulnerable Range  
B,B- Fair
C++, C+ Marginal
C,C- Weak
D Poor
E Under Regulatory Supervision
F In Liquidation
S Suspension
NR Not Rated
More information can be obtained from www.ambest.com

This Insurance Policy is governed by English Law. English Law will also apply prior to the conclusion of your contract of insurance. Your contract of insurance and all communications before and during your contract of insurance will be provided in English.

Who is Interglobal?

 Interglobal was established in 1986 and is a provider of international health insurance cover, a plan administrator and a claims handler.

Interglobal Insurance believe in providing customers with a first-class level of service offering expert help and advice with the all-important personal touch. Interglobal Insurance not only has an extensive network of independent intermediaries but also years of providing technical expertise and market knowledge.

With Interglobal Insurance you will have complete peace of mind knowing that when accident or illness unexpectedly strikes we will be there to help.

Types of Cover

Next Step China has selected the coverage that is the most comprehensively available from Interglobal for you given our experience 

Your Certificate of Insurance will show insured name/s, start and end dates of Your cover, the premium You have paid and any special terms which may apply to Your policy. The benefits payable and the limits that apply are detailed in each section of the Insurance that is operative. You should pay particular attention to the General Conditions and General Exclusions within the policy.

Commencement & Period of Cover

Cover commences for loss of deposits or cancellation on the date the premium is received by Interglobal Insurance or six months prior to the commencement date of Your insurance whichever is the later, provided the cover is authorised. Cover for all other sections commences when You depart Your Country of Origin, provided Your premium is paid in full and the date is the same as the commencement date on Your insurance certificate. Cover ceases when You depart Your Country of Study (with exception of the travel/transit insurance when applicable and temporary whilst at home cover) or the expiry date of Your policy which ever occurs first.

The issuing of a Interglobal Policy shall be at Our discretion. We may decline to offer cover regardless of whether cover has been previously offered.

Important Matters

Protection of Personal Information

All personal information that You provide to Us will not be released or made available to any other person unless We are required by law to do so or where You have agreed to its release.

When You applied for this Insurance You agreed, in respect of any claim, to allow Us to provide details of Your cover or to obtain details from any healthcare provider in order to process Your claim and to the release of Your insurance details to ensure Your compliance within Your intended Country of Study.

Limits of Liability

(i) The limit of Our liability for any claim under this Insurance is the amount stated in each section of the policy wording and schedule of benefits.
(ii) Where there are dependants, the limit for any one family member shall be the limit provided under the Plan for that section.
Premium Refunds
You can apply in writing if You have not claimed or intend to make a claim for a pro-rata refund of Your unexpired premium, less a $25/€22/f 15 administration fee if:
(i) You paid Your premium and did not come to arrive in Your Country of Study.
(ii) Your Student Visa was not extended.
(iii) You have been granted permanent residence status and are no longer living inYour Country of Study as an International Student.
You Must Help Us Recover Any Money We Have Paid
If We have a claim against someone in relation to the money We have paid under this Insurance. We have the right to commence or take legal proceedings in Your name, for the defence or settlement of any claim, or to prosecute or to sue any other party to recover any monies payable by them at law. You must do everything You can to help Us to do that in any legal proceedings.
All amounts and limits referred to in the Policy Wording and Benefit Schedule are in, US$, Euro € or Sterling f.
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you feel this plan does not meet your needs, you may cancel it without penalty. If your decision is to cancel, please confirm this to us in writing by letter, fax or e-mail and return your Membership Card and Certificate of Insurance within 14 days of the date of joining. If your application was made from a tertiary provider or agent a cancellation advice must be received by them. Provided you have not already made a claim under the plan, wewill gladly and promptly refund the premium you have paid in full. This policy is non­refundable after the 14th day.
Individual & Family Plan:
Individual means, cover applies to one person aged between 5 and 64 who holds a current student or visitors permit and is studying at an education facility and is named on the certificate of insurance.Family means You and/or Your Spouse and Your financially dependant children (between the age of 5 and 64) and legal wards 21 years of age and under who remain in Your full custody and control during your time in Your Country of Study and are named on the certificate of insurance. The benefit shown in the schedule of benefits is twice the individual amount shown and is shared by the Family.



This policy may be renewed, with Our consent and on receipt of the applicable renewal premium. Your policy is not automatically renewed. To avoid a gap in coverage which will lead to any previously claimed conditions to be considered as a pre-existing condition (not covered by the policy) please ensure you advise Us if renewal is required before Your policy completion (expiry) date.

You Must Not Admit Fault or Liability

In relation to any claim under this Insurance You must not admit that You are at fault, You must not offer or promise to pay any money or become involved in litigation without Our prior written approval.

Claims are Payable in US$-Euro€-GB to You

We will pay all claims in US$/Euro€/GBf. We will pay You unless You tell Us to pay someone else or direct settlement has been arranged with the medical provider. Original Receipts, (including translations) must be provided to authenticate any claim at Your cost. If You can make a claim against someone else in relation to a loss or expense covered under Your policy and You don’t get paid the full amount of Your claim, We will make up the difference. You must claim from them first.

Cover for already claimed conditions only applies if Your policy cover has been continuous since original inception date.
All in-patient and day-care procedures or treatment require prior approval in writing by Interglobal Assistance.

Duty of Disclosure

Before You agree to a contract You must disclose to Us every material fact that could be relevant to our decision to accept the risk of this insurance. You have the same duty of disclosure with the change of Your personal details from initial application eg change of school or before You re-new or re-apply at a later date for this contract.

We may be entitled to reduce Our liability under the policy in respect of a claim,

or cancel Your insurance policy upon giving You 14 days’ notice in writing if You fail to comply with the duty of disclosure, You made a misrepresentation when the contract was entered into, You fail to comply with the provision of the contract, including payment of premium received by Us, You make a fraudulent claim (whether with Us or with some other insurer). We may also have the option to void the policy from commencement date.

Interglobal Assistance

We have appointed Interglobal Assistance to administer all emergency assistance services and benefits of this Insurance. You may contact Interglobal Assistance in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that no admission of liability is made or intended by the provision of assistance to You by Interglobal Assistance in circumstances where no cover is available under this Insurance.

Interglobal Assistance Numbers – Toll Free numbers from:
New Zealand 0800 188 100 Malaysia 1800 802 157
Japan 00531 642 084 Indonesia 00180 364 17375
Thailand 001 800 647 355 North China 10800 640 0113
South China 10800 264 0113 Singapore 800 641 1123
Australia 1800 147 528 UK 0800 0327 921
USA 1866 895 7795 UAE 800 0640 1957
Philippines 1800 1641 0003    
    Call collect from elsewhere in the world:
    Ph: +649356 2276
    Fax: +64 9 356 1882
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