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Events for which We will not pay under any Section of this Insurance

(i) Medical services You receive in the first 12 months after the purchase of Your
insurance where the treatment is directly or indirectly related to a pre-existing medical condition or disability in existence prior to this date. This exclusion does not apply where a doctor certifies and Interglobal Assistance agrees that You require Emergency Medical Treatment in Your Country of Study in order that You can continue with Your course of study. If You have not had any symptoms or treatment of Your pre-existing conditions after 12 months continuous coverage You can apply in writing to have Your pre-existing condition covered.

(ii) Treatment received in a hospital or clinic as an in-patient or for daycare treatment or for MRI/CAT scans, electrocardiogram and similar tests not pre-authorized by Interglobal Assistance in writing or by fax.

(iii) Expenses incurred for cosmetic, elective or plastic surgery (except and to the extent that it is necessary as a result of an injury).

(iv) Pregnancy, childbirth, infertility, abortion or birth control (except where covered under the maternity section).

(v) All services or treatment associated with an assisted reproduction program including but not limited to in-vitro fertilisation.

(vi) Medical services provided outside of Your Country of Study including whilst travelling to or from Your Country of Study unless covered by transit, travel insurance or temporary whilst at home cover and approved by Interglobal Assistance.

(vii) Medical services You arranged before You came to Your Country of Study.

(viii) Medical services covered by compensation and damages provisions of any kind such as motor vehicle accidents or work related injuries.

(ix) Elective dental treatment or normal maintenance. Normal maintenance includes:
root canals, fillings, scaling and polishing, titanium implants, wisdom teeth extractions, restoration work, caps crowns precious metal costs or pins and fittings, replacement due to loss of dental bridges, periodontal, or any dental work resulting from lack of regular dental maintenance and/or hygiene but not limited too.

(x) Routine Replacement of disposal contact lenses.

(xi) Any event involving loss or expenses which may be recoverable under any Workers’ Compensation Legislation, an Industrial Award or agreement or Accident Compensation Legislation.

(xii) Household furniture or household appliances being used by You for domestic use and non-portable business property, computer or electronic equipment.

(xiii) Damage to sporting equipment including surfboards, sailboards, boogie boards and bicycles whilst in use.

(xiv) Shortages due to error omission or exchange.

(xv) Scratching or breakage of fragile or brittle items. This Exclusion does not apply
to photographic, video equipment or binoculars.

(xvi) The effects of medicines, drugs or treatments not prescribed by a doctor, alcohol, suicide or attempted suicide, self-inflicted injury, sexually transmitted diseases or viruses, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, AIDS or AIDS related illnesses. Mental disorder, stress, anxiety, or nervous breakdown is covered up to the maximum stated under the Psychiatric Care benefit when referred by a registered doctor or specialist.

(xvii) Hazardous Sports- Engaging in abseiling, mountaineering or rock climbing normally requiring the use of ropes or guides, hang gliding, parachuting, hunting, racing other than foot racing, motor cycling of any kind (unless You hold a current valid motor cycle license) underwater activity involving the use of artificial breathing apparatus (unless You hold an open water diving certificate or are diving with a qualified diving instructor) or professional sport of any kind but not limited too.

(xviii) Travel in any air supported device other than as a passenger in a fully licensed scheduled airline service or carrier.

(xix) War or warlike activities, insurrection, rebellion, military or usurped power. Nuclear weapons material or ionising radiation or from any nuclear waste.

(xx) Any government regulation, prohibition or intervention.

(xxi) Loss of data, consequential loss of any kind, depreciation of any kind or devaluation of currency.

(xxii) All claims arising from travel to and/or from the USA (including Hawaii), except when covered under the Area B & C 10 day travel or transit insurance section of the policy wording or when Area D plan has been selected.

(xxiii) Items that are lost or damaged while in the custody of carriers that are not reported within three days after the loss or damage to the carrier in writing, and an official loss or damage report obtained from that carrier.

(xxiv) Theft or suspected theft not reported to the police within 24 hours of the discovery of loss.

(xxv) Reinstatement, Replacement or Damage to any electronic data or software.

(xxvi) Damage or loss arising from wear and tear, deterioration, mechanical or electrical breakdown, atmospheric or climatic conditions, mould or fungus, insects, rodents, vermin, or any process involving cleaning or repairing.

(xxvii) Any item(s) shipped under a freight agreement, sent by a postal or courier service, or purchased over the internet. Damage arising from the confiscation or destruction by Customs or any other authority.

(xxviii) Theft of personal belongings left unattended in a vehicle.

(xxix)Personal belongings merely mislaid or forgotten.

(xxx) Theft of bank securities, gold, silver or precious stones (other than personal jewellery.

(xxxi) Any claim that is not supported by relevant documentation and reported to the police within 24 hours of discovery.

(xxxii) Any exclusion listed in any other section of the policy wording.

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