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Some words in this policy have special meanings and are defined below

“Accident or Accidental” means violent and visible event resulting in injury to You or damage to Your property.

“Ambulance Services” Services means road ambulance transport required due to an emergency or medical necessity to the nearest available and appropriate hospital.

“Ancillary Services” means the reasonable and necessarily incurred charges for other medical services provided by acupuncturist, osteopaths, chiropractors, and homeopaths as prescribed by the treating doctor.

“Cancellation ”means where Your trip/study arrangements are cancelled due to an event listed as an unforeseeable circumstance.

“Critical ”means a medical condition which is unstable and serious, where the outcome cannot be medically predicted, prognosis is uncertain and the individual concerned is in danger of dying.

“Co-insurance” means the amount You must contribute towards each and every hospital or medical service.

“Commencement Date ” means the actual start date of Your policy as detailed on Your insurance certificate.

“Consequential Loss ” means a loss directly or indirectly linked to a prior sequence of events which resulted in the initial loss.

“Country of Origin” means the country where You normally reside other than Your country of study.

“Country of Study ”means the country where You are enrolled at an educational facility outside of Your Country of Origin.

“Curtailment ”means abandonment of a trip by an insured person due to a factor or factors beyond the insured’s person control.

“Day-care ”Treatment means treatment at a hospital where an insured person is admitted and occupies a bed, but does not stay overnight.

“Dependant” means and insured person’s:

(a) spouse, common law spouse or partner.
(b) unmarried child, stepchild or child legally adopted under 18 years attained.
(c) unmarried child, under 21 years attained, if in full time education

“Doctor”means a person qualified and registered to practise medicine or surgery in Your Country of Study.

“Emergency Dental Services” means emergency treatment provided by a dentist for the relief of pain or to restore dental functions. It does not include normal dental maintenance or cleaning or scaling procedures.

“Emergency Medical Treatment ”means when a Doctor certifies and Interglobal Assistance agrees the situation to be life threatening.

“Excess” means the amount that will be deducted from any claim or claims arising from the one injury or illness.

“Money ” means coins or bank notes in current circulation, traveller’s cheques, cheques,

“Expatriate” means a person living and studying outside of their country of origin.

“Family” means You and/or Your spouse and/or your financially dependent children and/or legal wards 21 years of age and under who remain in Your full custody and control during the trip.

“Financial Default” means insolvency, bankruptcy, provisional liquidation, liquidation, financial collapse, appointment of a receiver, manager or administrator, entry into any official scheme of arrangement, statutory protection, restructuring or composition with creditors, or the happening of anything of a similar nature under the laws of any jurisdiction.

“Hazardous Sports ”means engaging in abseiling, mountaineering or rock climbing normally requiring the use of ropes or guides, hang gliding, parachuting, hunting, racing other than foot racing, motor cycling of any kind (unless You hold a current valid motor cycle license) underwater activity involving the use of artificial breathing apparatus (unless You hold an open water diving certificate or are diving with a qualified diving instructor) or professional sport of any kind but not limited too.

“Hospital” means an establishment which is legally licensed as a medical or surgical Hospital under the law of that country and which exists primarily for carrying out surgical operations or providing treatment of a nature which only a Physician/Surgeon can provide and which has 24-hour medical and nursing care.

“Hospital Day Care” means minor medical, surgical or diagnostic treatment provided in a hospital or a medical centre, which does not require You to be confined in a hospital overnight.

“Inception Date ”means the date Your premium is received by  StudentCare Insurance.  In-patient Treatment means treatment at a hospital where an insured person is admitted and occupies a bed for one or more nights.

“Insolvency ” means (see financial default)

“International Student ” means a student enrolled to study at a registered education facility (primarily for academic studies) outside of their Country of Origin.

“Illness” means a medical condition which first occurs during Your period of cover.

“Luggage ” means Your clothing, carrying case and all personal belongings taken with You or purchased during Your travel abroad.

“Manual Work” means physical work, involving bodily strength, other than that of an academic nature.

“Medical Expenses” means expenses incurred by You within 12 calendar months of sustaining Injury or Sickness, in respect of medical advice or treatment by a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner, nurse, Hospital and/or ambulance service for medical, surgical, x-ray, Hospital or nursing treatment, including physiotherapy and chiropractic services and the cost of medical supplies and ambulance hire prescribed by a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner.

“Medical Condition ” means any injury, illness, sickness, disease, signs or symptoms. Nursing at Home means services by a registered nurse in the home of the insured person when prescribed and supervised by a medical practitioner or specialist and related directly to a medical condition for which an insured person is receiving treatment covered under the plan.

“Period of Insurance” From the departure date shown in the policy schedule until Your return to Your Country of Origin or the completion date shown in the policy schedule, whichever occurs first.

“Permanent” means having lasted for 12 consecutive months and at the end of that time being beyond any hope of improvement.

“Personal Belongings ”means items designed for you to wear or carry. Pre-authorisation means a process through which an insured person seeks approval from us prior to undertaking treatment or incurring costs.

“Pre-existing Medical Condition” means any condition for which a doctor was consulted or for which treatment or medicine was prescribed in the 12 months immediately preceding the commencement of cover. It also includes any medical condition known to the Insured Person or for which the symptoms were evident prior to the date of issue of this Insurance. A waiting period of 12 months applies to all pre-existing medical conditions.

“Professional Sport ”means sports where you are being paid to participate

“Public Place” means but is not limited to shops, airports, train stations, streets, hotel foyers and grounds, restaurants, beaches, public toilets and any place to which the public has access.

“Public Transport ” means regular scheduled forms of transport, train, coach, bus, taxi, sea vessel or aircraft.

“Rehabilitation and Occupation Therapy” means the charges, as a result of an illness or an accident, for rehabilitation and/or occupational therapy as prescribed by the treating doctor.

“Relative” means any of the following who are resident in Your country of origin: fiancé, fiancée, spouse, legally recognized de facto, parent, parent-in-law, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, sister, brother, step-parent, grandparent or legal guardian all aged 75 years or under.

“Reasonable ” means the standard cost of a treatment and/or services within the same country or geographical region and will be based on our experience and knowledge. Serious Injury or Sickness (in respect of a relative or any other person on whose state of health the travel depends) means a life threatening medical condition which first manifested itself during your period of insurance.

“Schedule Fee” means the amount as determined from time to time by the hospital or clinic as the standard medical fee for certain treatment or service.

“Spouse” means Your husband or wife or the person with whom You have continuously cohabited during the 90 days immediately preceding the Period of Insurance.

“Travel ” Documents means passport, pre-booked tickets on public transport, tickets for pre-booked trips.

“Unattended ” means out of Your sight.

“Unforeseeable” means sudden, unexpected, and unintended.

“Waiting Period” means the period for which benefits are not payable starting from the commencement date of this Insurance.

“We”“Us” or “Our” means the Underwriters of this Insurance.

“You” or “Your” means the person or persons named in the Certificate of Insurance and everyone else who is covered under Your policy.

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