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We know your students and clients trust YOU. So we want YOU to teach them with us in China. Our group programs offer you the chance to give your students or clients a real immersion experience while they see the sights and soak up the culture in Beijing or Shanghai.

Custom Teacher-led Programs

Give Mandarin lessons for two weeks that allow your participants to be immersed in the language. Or teach a course for university credit or continuing education credit, and take your students to the sites they are learning about. Whatever your reasons for bringing your class abroad, we can create an awesome itinerary that will compliment your subject.

Every program is custom designed to accommodate your needs:

Depending on group size, it’s likely you will join your participants for free or at a very low cost. We’ll host you!

Our tutors can compliment your Mandarin course with one-on-one tutoring. You’ll have the time to teach more than one level of Mandarin if you want to bring students with different proficiencies. Or if you are bringing your Asian Studies class, we’ll arrange a beginners Mandarin class for your whole group!

Custom Teacher-led Programs

We don’t have any age requirements, so bring a high school class or a group of business professionals.

Programs can be arranged all year from 2 weeks to a full semester.

If you are interested in this type of program and want to share your ideas and see what is possible for your course and students, please contact feel free to contact me (Derek) directly at derek at nextstepchina.org or 1-877-644-2624  Ext. 711

If it’s impossible for you to come to us but you still want to encourage your students to experience China, please tell them about our site. We have Mandarin study programs and arrange English teaching and internship positions. We offer $100 for each referral you send that books a program with us.

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