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Fall Programs

By: Derek Capo

Next Step China’s University Fall Term Program typically runs from September through January. Each university’s language program consists of 4 hours of study per day in a classroom setting with a 1 teacher to 15-20 international student ratio.

To speed up your language development and truly understand all that you are learning in class, there is an option to add 1 to 2 hours of daily one-to-one private tutoring to any of the university programs.

  The one on one tutoring is really really helpful. She’d give me a story every day, and she’d go over the words that I didn’t know and the next day she’d test me. It was kind of like a circle, she’d do that every lesson. Anything I wanted to learn, anything I wanted to improve on, she’d help me with that. So that was really good. It really suited me perfectly.

-Vera and Daniela from Hong Kong

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It not too late to enroll in a Fall university program. Contact us!

All of the Next Step China programs include the following features:
NSC Standard Program Features
NSC Fun Activities

Below we have provided a list of the universities that offer fall programs in Beijing and Shanghai.

  University Beginner Intermediate Advanced Duration
  • Five Weeks
  • 3 Month Program
  • Semester
  • One Academic Year
  • Semester
  • One Academic Year
  • Semester
  • One Academic Year
  • One Month
  • Two Months
  • Three Months
  • Semester
  • One Academic Year

**All Next Step China Intensive Tutoring Program start dates are decided by you. We only require one month’s advance notice.


What is my Mandarin level?
Next Step China provides an easy guide to determine your current skill level in Mandarin . Keep in mind that the difference in studying back home compared to studying in China is vastly different.

Beginner – You have never studied the language, or you have done so at a university or language school for about a year totaling 100 hours or less. Beginners are also classified as those who know around 800 Chinese characters or less.

Intermediate – You are a conversational speaker in Chinese but still don’t know many of the words, and your pronunciation still requires refinement. You have probably studied for approximately two years at an international university or about 350 hours at a language school. At this levelm you can recognize about 2000 to 2500 Chinese characters.

Advanced – You can communicate in more complicated discussions in Chinese, and you can comprehend the subject matter on aTV or radio. Reading a Chinese newspaper is still somewhat difficult, but you can recognize more than 4000 characters. Next Step China’s tutoring program is highly recommended - given the flexibility of the subject matter we can offer you.

Want to learn Mandarin faster?
Next Step China’s Intensive Tutoring Program teaches you Mandarin faster because of the level of attention you will receive. Our tutors and fine-tuned curriculum will help you improve fast and effectively. Below we have provided a table of expectations if you were to elect our Tutoring Program for more than 6 weeks. Although results due vary, we are confident that our tutors can help you exceed these expectations set below.

Fall Programs

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