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Combo Program

Next Step China’s Combo Program is the best of both worlds by combining our two most popular programs. The program consists of 1 lesson in small classroom setting with a professor and 3 hours with two experienced tutors, you’ll be receiving top-notch education. The combination of collaborating with students and receiving one-on-one attention from a tutor will immerse you in the Mandarin language lessons you need. You’ll also participate in fun activities outside the classroom, such as bargaining at the local markets or having a meal with your tutor. You will not only further your understanding of the Chinese culture, but also help bridge the cultural gap and practice your newly minted Mandarin conversation skills.

Your Age: Combo Program is available for ages 16 to 65.
Your Time: Study Chinese with a tutor one-on-one for 3 hours a day and then 1 lesson at a language school.
Your Duration: Program options range from 2 weeks to 12 months.
Your Destination: We are available in over 13 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian.
Your Start Date: You can begin any day of the week.

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With a flexible start date and duration, the Combo Program gives you the freedom to learn Mandarin when you want, how you want. You can even decide the time of day that you go to class at the language school. Meanwhile, your tutors will be contributing to the success of your language school advancement by coming up with a customized lesson plan. With fun weekend excursions lined up, and not to mention the option to have your tutorial sessions outside, you’ll soak in China’s beautiful scenery.


 Here is a nice table to show you how a fast a student can learn with our Combo Program

Intensive Tutoring Program Words Learned

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