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Offering the perfect combination of nature and modernity with its vast shores of beaches and arrays of modern museums and shopper-filled pedestrian areas, Dalian City has been dubbed as the most livable city in China. And it’s really no wonder why!Being the second largest city in Liaoning province, it is a destination that screams prosperity and liveliness, luring not just holiday travelers but vacationers as well. It is perched around the Liaodong Peninsula, just bordering the Yellow Sea and is home to numerous flashy towers, acres of refreshing greens and also 20th century architecture.


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Facts About the City
Universities in Dalian

Facts About the City

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29 Meters
95.1 Feet

13237 Km2
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History of Dalian

Dalian City has a rich history after having been used as a city port by foreign traders. It was known previously as Dalny and Dairen but later on became more known as Ryojun or Port Arthur around its Lushunkou district.

 In the ancient times, the Dalian region served as the bridge for Chinese colonization to northern Korea. It attracted foreign powers but it was the British that succeeded in occupying the Qingniwa in the 1850s. During the Qing Dynasty, however, around 1880s, the Chinese regained control and the peninsula became a heavily fortified district, center for economic activity and political intrigue. Foreign interest over the region did not end there nonetheless. Japan overcame the district’s defenses although it was later on forced to return the peninsula to the Chinese. Russia then leased the peninsula and helped make it a modern commercial city port.

 The Dalian region was a major battleground for the Russo-Japanese war. But during the second Sino-Japanese War, it became a modern trade zone for cities already. Finally in 1950, the Chinese Communist Government was able to take charge of the city and since then, more focus was given on how to improve it further.


 Today, Dalian City is known to travelers for being the perfect destination to relax, unwind and at the same time, explore. Several beaches lay surrounding the city, making it the place to go for beach vacations. But other than that, it is also a modern city lush with buildings, shopping centers, ancient landmarks and museums.

Life in Dalian

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  • Southwest Coastline

 Head to Dalian’s Southwest coast where you are certain to enjoy the vistas of pleasant beaches and the relaxing feel of being in an exotic community. A popular spot you would not want to miss here would be the Fujiazhuang Beach. With the sight of broken islands dotting the horizon, a deep bay and lots of families having fun, guaranteed, your vacation is going to be one you will not forget in a long time.


  • Golden Stone Beach

 Around 60 kilometers north Dalian City is the Golden Stone Beach. Currently, it is still in the progress of being transformed to become a tourist mecca but it already has theme parks and marvelous sightings of rock formations. Enjoy the pebbly beach and bask in relaxation with the view of distant headlands and the wide bay.


  • Zhongshan Square

 If you are in for some historical sightings, then the Zhongshan Square is one spot you definitely should not miss! Here lies a circle of grand buildings and museums, most of which have been standing since the early 1900s. It’s the perfect destination for those eager to see preserved British, Russian and Japanese traditional architecture. Plus, on the south side of the Square is Dalian Binguan, a hotel which appeared in the popular movie, The Last Emperor.


  • Labor Park

 For the sports enthusiasts, the Labor Park would be a great destination to consider. In its center is a gigantic football field which serves as a reminder of when Dalian Shide once emerged to be China’s best local soccer team. In addition, the park is home to the TV Tower where guests can enjoy a spectacular overview of the city.


  • Dabaicai Gutouguan

 Dabaicai Gutouguan is a home-style restaurant that promotes the loud, friendly type of atmosphere. It is known for its northern style fare and servings of fresh seafood. And it’s actually easy to find. Simply look for a sign with a cabbage drawn on it. Note though that the Dabaicai Gutouguan is in a corner. You still need to go up the stairs so you can get to it.


  • Xiao Yaogu Shanxi Mian Zhuang

 A block past the Dabaicai Gutouguan, right at the very end of the Zhongyuan Jie is a Shanxi restaurant known for serving dishes as paomo (bread stew) and lamb jiamo (lamb in pita bread). What’s best about this restaurant is that its meals are at very affordable prices, some priced at less then Y10. The restaurant can be distinguished with red lantern displays in its exterior.


  • Tiantian Yugang

 This upscale restaurant in Dalian City allows you to choose your desired seafood meals fresh form the tanks! Most dishes will be presented in refrigerated levels, making the whole dining experience both easy and rare.


  • Night Market

 If you’re up for a more adventurous dining experience, then try out the night market! It is located very near the Home Inn. In the night market, guests are expected to dine outside with barbecue seafood in one hand and a beer in other. It’s the perfect place to chill with friends.


If you have some free time and you want to check out where locals usually go or perhaps, simply want to chill with your family and friends, then these places would be most ideal to visit.


  • I-55 Coffee Stop and Bakery

 Offering a cozy and upscale atmosphere perfect for enjoying a good coffee and dessert is I-55 Coffee Stop and Bakery. Here, you get to enjoy jazzy music while lounging in cushion-decked lounges or out the garden patio.


  • Noah’s Ark

 Catch local musicians while enjoying a cold mug of beer in Noah’s Ark. This is also a popular place where mixes of expats and locals gather. Who knows, you might get the chance to make new acquaintances while you’re at it.


  • Alice Club

 This is located right past Furama Hotel and has been a long time favorite place of gathering among locals.


  • Meeting Place Bar

 The Meeting Place bar is very distinct in that it has more of a sports-bar styling. Also, it is very popular among locals because of its Chinese house band.

 Dalian City is simply a destination that offers an out of the ordinary overall experience. From prime spots, to food, to entertainment options, there’s just so much to look into here in China’s most livable city.

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