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Staying in an apartment in China is not the same as staying in local accommodations in the US or Japan.  Although China is an economic giant in Asia, finding comfortable and satisfactory living accommodation that meet the acceptable westernized standard can be challenging. This is why Next Step China takes the guess work out of finding accommodations. Our apartments are both safe and luxurious, and meet our own high standards whilst being more competitively priced than those of other language programs.

The apartments we have contracted in certain cities in China are situated in a safe community conveniently located near several college campuses and a central shopping district.  

 The apartments are well-appointed and include a kitchen, living area, laundry, and dining area. The apartments also include a microwave, washing machine, refrigerator and TV.  On average, the size of the apartments is 100 to 130 m2 or about 1100-1400 ft2.  Please keep in mind that all the apartments are individually furnished with varying styles, but they all meet our own high standards.  We will do our utmost to provide you with more than satisfactory living accommodations using our demanding process for selecting suitable apartments.

 All the prices listed on our programs include utilities – electricity, water, gas for heating water and cooking, as well as high speed Internet, an amenity provided exclusively for Next Step China students.

 We currently have contracted two and three bedroom apartments which are the most popular choice for our clients.  However, those who particularly require a single bedroom apartment can be accommodated provided they are enrolled in a program lasting three months or longer. Please keep in mind that prices will be higher for a single bedroom unit.  One alternative for an additional fee per month is to have the master bedroom. This ensures a private bathroom and a much larger bedroom.

Please read this review of of our Next Step China Apartments from one of our customers.


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