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Chinese Homestay Program

Next Step China's Home Stay Program allows you to get a taste of independence and advance your education or career prospects...while still  having security and support while away from family. We can link an of our program participants with host families in China, regardless of whether you’re studying Mandarin, interning, teaching, or volunteering. By working with the right company and get your planning started early, the process of coming to China and living with a host family can be smooth and fun.


I would suggest homestay over anything else just because when you have homestay, you’re always with people who are speaking Chinese, if you want to practice Chinese.And I think, when you’re with a family, it makes it a lot easier to transition from living in a your own country to living in a foreign country. When you’re with a family who you wake up, you have breakfast together, they say, “What are you doing today? Oh, you have some interviews? Well, good luck!” And you say, “Thanks! Cool! I’m gonna do some interviews today!” And you get back: “Oh, how were your interviews?” “My interviews were great, thanks!” “Okay, cool!” So it’s like being in a family. It was my experience, and I really enjoyed it.

--Shea G., Teacher, USA


Thinking about doing a home stay? Consider this:

  • Your Chinese homestay program is all inclusive. The program fee that you pay Next Step China will cover your tuition, books, materials, accommodations, utilities, insurance, planning materials, activities, and more!
  • We are always there for you. Staying with a host family does not mean that Next Step China won't be around to assist you. We will be available to answer your questions, help you with paperwork, and make sure that you are getting the absolute most out of your experience.
  • Travel to your home stay will be easy. Next Step China will arrange for your transportation to and from the airport.
  • You'll eat delicious local cuisine. We can help you arrange for meals on a case-by-case basis. Contact our office for more information on how to receive this convenient amenity.
  • You can practice Mandarin with your host family. Having constant language partners at home means that you are going to learn quickly and naturally, and then get to practice these skills in the real world.
  • Home stays are fun! Along with the experiences you have living with your host family, you can also participate in Next Step China activities such as Chinese cooking, calligraphy, and even martial arts. 


Next Step China Accommodations Home Stay 





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