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Studying Abroad in China: A Guide for Parents

By: Derek Capo

I think the impression from the staff is quite friendly and they took care of us quite well from the airport when we arrived. So I feel much better for my daughter on her way back to go to Thailand by herself. That would be the first time. So I think they’ll work well and safely with her.

-Naruman Seijuma from Bangkok, Thailand

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Even amongst college graduates, fewer than 2% of American students have studied abroad. While Americans enjoy one of the most diverse cultures in the world, very few truly have a full concept of the wider world around us.

President Barack Obama is known for saying that his experiences in a foreign country (Indonesia) were a large part of what has shaped his worldview. Having lived in a foreign country gave him a larger picture of the world, one which has affected his view on a variety of foreign policy issues.

Studying Abroad in China: A Guide for Parents

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who had hoped to win the Republican Party’s nomination to face off against Obama in the 2008 elections, has said, “It’s no longer enough to worry about what’s happening in Ohio or California. We must know what’s happening in Chile and Japan. What occurs today in Osaka can affect what happens tomorrow in Forrest City, Arkansas. It’s imperative that we develop a workforce…that has the skills necessary to move from the jobs of the 20th Century to the jobs of the 21st Century.”

Both of these leaders, from polar opposites of political ideology, agree that Americans in the 21st Century are going to need, more than ever, a global perspective. One of the best ways to gain that global perspective is by living and studying abroad.

Studying Abroad in China: A Guide for Parents

George Lucas, director of Star Wars, is well known to incorporate aspects of many of the world’s cultures into his fictitious galaxy “far, far away.” When receiving a Global Vision Award, Lucas acknowledged that, “Study abroad is extremely important; just for kids to get outside this country and experience the fact that there is a big world out there.”

I really liked all the staff and the tutors and teachers. They’re always prepared for lessons and everything is planned out already.

-Rachel Ho from Hong Kong, China

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Studying abroad is a great idea for almost every student, whether their ambition is to seek the highest political office in the country, create tomorrow’s film masterpieces, or simply to work and prosper in an increasingly global marketplace.

Next Step China has created the following guide to help parents feel comfortable about having their child study abroad in China. Please view the topics below for more guidance.

Studying Abroad in China: A Guide for Parents

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Why and Where in China to Study Abroad?

Where to Start: Choose a Program for Studying Abroad

Is Next Step China the Right Study Abroad Program for Your Son or Daughter?

Student Responsibilities While Studying in China

Before the Student Departs: Preparing Your Student to Successfully Study Abroad in China

In China: What You and Your Child Can Expect

Other Opportunities While in China

What Life Will Be Like for Your Child While in China

Studying Abroad With Next Step China

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