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Study Mandarin in China with Next Step China

There are many high school  and current college students that are looking to diversify their experiences in life and career by studying abroad. If you are one them, China is an excellent country to venture to. If you do decide to go to China one of the best things to do while you are here is study Mandarin in China.  To study Mandarin in China is not a hard task, if you pick the right study abroad in China program. Not picking Next Step China’s study abroad in China program will cost you more time, headaches and money because of the planning and logistics you have to do from home, there are a lot of fraudulent companies in China.  Therefore, it is very important to find an abroad study agency that is safe, reliable and legal to help you study Mandarin in China as effectively as possible.


Study Mandarin In China Study Mandarin in China 

One of the benefits of studying Mandarin in China is that there are several universities that have language schools that provide excellent Mandarin language courses.  The best universities in Beijing are:

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

Peking University (PKU, Beida, Bei Da)

Tsinghua University (TU, Qinghua, Qing Hua, Tsing Hua).


Study Mandarin In China Tsinghua Modern buildingStudy Mandarin In China Qinghua Fountain 

All of the universities mentioned have programs throughout the year.  BLCU has programs year-round with short-term courses ranging from one month (4 weeks), 5 weeks, 6 weeks, two months (8 weeks) and three months.  BLCU also has long-term programs that are for a semester or one year programs that are excellent for gap year students or anyone who wants to become fluent in Chinese. One of the benefits of study Mandarin in China is that it will help you understand the history and culture of China.  Apart from the studies, there are many fun activities with Next Step China’s programs.

Next Step China’s China study abroad program is rising in popularity because of the feedback from previous clients and its ability to cater to its participants and their needs. Nevertheless, if you are having a hard time funding your China Study Abroad NSC does provide scholarships to certain students and accepts monthly payment plans so that you can budget your program accordingly. Once you are admitted to any of these universities, you will have a fun time meeting people from all over the world, you will not regret your decision to look into the Next Step China opportunities.


If are you really serious about learning the language, NSC’s Intensive Tutoring program will help you become fluent in speaking, reading and writing Chinese more quickly than a university program because of the quality of its tutors, intensity of study hours,  and ratio of teacher to students, from 1:20 to 1:1. NSC’s Intensive Tutoring program is by far the BEST VALUE given its flexibility and results of language proficiency.

However, if you are interested in studying in China, Next Step China is a leader in China Study Abroad programs. Our staff will help you find the best program to study Mandarin in China. Also, Next Step China operates strictly within the laws appertaining to foreign student programs in both China (Representative Office) and the United States (LLC) a claim many competitors cannot make. Next Step China is an accredited business through the Better Business Bureau with an A rating. Next Step China fully adopts the BBB’s Standards of Trust which are a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices focused on how businesses should treat the public – fairly and honestly in all circumstances. So if you want to go China, choose Next Step China.

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