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Chinese Course Beijing student life

Next Step China has many flexible programs so that our customers can study Chinese course Beijing or Shanghai. Our customers can choose from a program in a University or with a Chinese professor. Both cities are great to study Chinese ,but Beijing is most popular because of its rich history and culture.

Student Life in Beijing and Shanghai Chinese Course Beijing

The city life

The enormous city of Beijing is a wonderful mix of skyscrapers and ancient neighborhoods. The star attraction is the Forbidden City also called Gugong. Another place of interest is Tiananmen Square which is also called Gate of Heavenly Peace. The square is also a symbol of the cultural revolution of the Maoist. The Lama Temple is another very beautiful place. This Tibetan place of worship is a must visit and is known for its wood carving and tapestry. A little outside of Beijing is the Summer Palace and its Imperial gardens. This too is a sight not to be missed. You will often find references to these in Chinese course Beijing in Beijing.

Student Life in Beijing and Shanghai

Its art and culture

Chinese courses in Beijing are not complete without exposure to all the art and culture that the city has to offer. The Chinese opera is an art form that is definitely not to be missed. It is a combination of dance, music, acrobats, elaborate masks and costumes all blending into each other beautifully to create a magical experience. Amongst all the operas in China, the Beijing opera is supposed to be the best in terms of refinement and performances.

Student Life in Beijing and Shanghai

Its universities

To match what the rest of the city has to offer its visitors, Chinese courses in Beijing University are the best in the country. Next Step China can help you find the most optimal Chinese courses Shanghai or Chinese Course Beijing, whether through a university program or a personalized tutoring program with a Chinese professor.

Student Life in Beijing and Shanghai
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