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Beijing Institute of Technology

The Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) is a leading research university focusing on technology andindustrial development. Approximately 23,000 full-time students attend the Beijing Institute ofTechnology, including 14,000 undergraduates and nearly 500 international students. Its strongestprograms are considered to be those in Automation, Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, andMechanical Electronics. BIT also has a strong military technology program. The Beijing Institute ofTechnology is a national Project 211 and Project 985 university, part of government initiatives aimed atbringing a small group of elite Chinese universities to international prominence. BIT has long beenconsidered one of the top 30 most prestigious universities in the country.
Facts About the University
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Facts About the University

Name in Chinese:


Total Students / International Students:




44000 / 500

On Campus, Double Dorm and Off Campus

Facilities: Library, International and Local Restaurants, Student Dining Hall, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields, Gymnasium, Indoor Basketball Courts, Outdoor Basketball Courts and Indoor Swimming Pool

No.5, Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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